The performer stands by a column composed of hand-blown funnels. Each are unique, and placed above each other. The performer fills the funnel at the top with soap. The soap flows through the narrow conduit of the funnel. While the performer keeps pouring soap into the top funnel, the funnel immediately below begins filling up as well, and this process continues steadily in all subsequent funnels. Because the conduit of the different funnels has different widths, some funnels empty quickly while others stay longer full. The funnel at the bottom has no conduit, and therefore the process of soap-pouring carried out by the performer continues until the soap solidifies or overflows the bottom funnel.

The project invites the viewer to use different senses in the encounter with a work of art: sight, smell, sound. The sculpture can be read as a tribute to the fluxus artist Tomas Schmit’s work “cycle for water-pails”, which has greatly inspired this project.

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