A fish leather project where I explore the innovative use of discarded fish skins to create durable and translucent leather. This project utilizes fish skins, an often overlooked and discarded material, to produce high-quality leather through eco-friendly methods. Fish leather has a rich history in Norway, where it was traditionally used for shoes, windows, and clothing due to its remarkable strength, water resistance, and natural translucency. Despite its historical significance, fish leather is now largely thrown away. My project aims to revive this sustainable material and demonstrate its potential in modern applications. Fish skins were collected from local sushi restaurants, turning waste into a valuable resource. The skins were cleaned and treated using a bio-friendly tanning process. This method is less harmful to the environment compared to conventional tanning techniques, ensuring that the final product is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. I experimented with different techniques to enhance the translucency of the fish leather. By treating the leather with natural oils and varying its thickness, I achieved diverse levels of transparency suitable for various applications.

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