Radiovoice- Morten Reksten

Music – Andrine Erdal

Norway’s National Flower Røsslyng was chosen in a listener’s vote in “Nitimen” at the national radiostation of Norway in 1976.

An extensive project culminated in an exhibition featuring a film screening of a documentary made in collaboration with two filmmakers. The exhibition took place in a sauna adorned with dried flowers gathered from various locations, sent by mail to Norway, and showcased at “SALT culture and sauna.” Exploring both olfactory and visual dimensions, the exhibition focused on heather as a national symbol, specifically Norway’s national flower. Our aim was to understand why this particular flower was chosen as Norway’s national flower when it is ubiquitous across all continents and most countries worldwide.

Adding another layer to the sensory experience, the dried flowers that covered the sauna walls emitted their fragrances, intensifying as they mingled with the warmth and steam of the sauna, creating an immersive olfactory experience for visitors. The Latin name “Calluna Vulgaris” served as the title for the project, translating to common heather in Latin. We collected heather from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, the USA, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, and Iran.

link for video:

A film in collaboration with Agnes Klevmark and Monika Satola from “SMAA produksjoner”.

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